Thursday, August 30, 2007

day 2

well, it´s still hot here, but i think i´m getting used to it. i don´t know about the food, but i´m eating what i´m given. today we had orientation and it was so overwhelming! so much information on so little sleep. it was really helpful though. we had el almuerzo (lunch) at about 2:30 which will be the case every day. then we had siesta! greatest idea ever. everything closes from 2-5 because it´s the hottest part of the day. lunch is served (the biggest meal of the day. and when i say big, i mean big), and then everyone lays down for an hour or so. then everything opens up from 5-9. we did a walking tour of the city with a sevillano (seville native) today. it was awesome, but tiring. we found out where all the cool spots to be are and saw a lot of historical architecture. well, i´m off to walk home for la cena (dinner)! hasta luego. pictures to come soon...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spain: day 1

we arrived in madrid this morning to find that spain is hot. really hot. and they don´t use air conditioning much. i´m convinced that my core temperature will never go down. after waiting for hours in a sleep-induced stupor, we flew to sevilla. from the airport, we were split up and taken by bus to our new homes. they basically parked the bus, got our stuff out, and left us with two people who don´t speak english. there was a lot of smiling and nodding going on. my seƱora, maria luisa and her husband, miguel, walked us home and showed us our rooms. almost immediately after doing so, maria luisa started to remove her pants in the salon (living room). she went to her bedroom and came out wearing a flowered mumu house dress thing. at least she was wearing something. miguel went to the bedroom and came out wearing a button down shirt and his underwear. we ate a very filling lunch and then took naps to combat the extreme jet lag we´re experiencing. my roommate and i left this afternoon to explore and found the school where we´ll have class every day. it´s close to where we live, so that´s nice. tomorrow we have some orientation stuff and a walking tour of the city. for now, i think i´ll just wander some more and try to figure this whole thing out. i can´t believe i live in spain.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

this is the plaza de espana! my school is right next to it. time is quickly running out. i'll be in spain in two days!