Thursday, October 11, 2007

get out of my nose!

it smells here. i mean, really smells. every day as i walk to school i am greeted with the lovely scents of paint thinner, moped fumes, dog droppings (which causes me to walk with my eyes glued to the sidewalk instead of enjoying the beauty of the city. seriously people. get a pooper-scooper.), horse droppings, dead fish in the river, dead fish on the sidewalk, bus fumes, cigarette smoke (from everyone i pass at 9AM! they are crazy here), and worst of all, the stench of the human body. Body odor. i don´t even know why they sell deoderant in spain. clearly, no one wears it. they must waste millions of dollars every year importing deoderant from factories around the world. not to mention the countless hours of shelving it in stores. i´ve decided that men here forego deoderant and choose aftershave instead. i don´t know why. it doesn´t work. and every day as i walk through the streets of this lovely city, i want to say give it a chance. it´s not all bad. you might even like it! but instead i just hold my breath and pray i don´t pass out on my way.


mama said...

Hi Prec.
I am sorry that it stinks where you live. As I see it you have two options:1.Put up with it and go down the road (which seems to be the one you have already chosen)or 2. Join the rank and file. The advantage of not wearing deo. and becoming stinky is that you will have your own distinctive smell wafting up your nose instead of the other pervasive smells now surrounding and permeating your nostrils. That is probably why they don't wear deo. As it better to smell yourself (which you don't think smells that bad anyway)instead of the cat,dog,and horse poop along with the dead fish and cig and other b.o. Actually it isn't a bad solution when you think about it. The reason they have deo. in the stores is for those who haven't figured this out yet but the wise ones know that in time they will join the rest of the pop. that has smelled the roses.
It was so good to talk to you yesterday and dad was glad to be reassured that you are doing well. So glad that A.B. is going to get over for a visit and that you are going to hook up with Nate,Patti and Barden. Wish I was you!! Hopefully you can celebrate your birthday and Thanksgiving with them.
Well have to run and finish dinner. Andy just called and said that Trox is coming for dinner and then they are studying for a Honors Bio. test they are having tomorrow. Remember to pray for him ok.
Have a great weekend and we will talk again soon. We love you so much and are keeping you in our prayers. mama

John said...

After reading this entry, I just realized that you are studying abroad in... Middleburg, PA??!! You are so glamorous.

Your mother knows a little too much about body odor for my taste. FYI. I have other things to say about this subject (as you might guess), but I do realize that this is a public forum, and my observations may not be appreciated by the average well-adjusted comment-reader. I think your mother would be amused, however. Sigh, I feel so repressed.

You should come by my house sometime since you are in the area...

wnep said...

Yeah, we thought NYC was bad. China, how I love it and would love to teach it some key ways of the West. Two things that should be used and one that should be imported to China :
Razors and DO for the BO. And as far as importation, Tampons. They don't have them here. Our program does keep a stock however. Ok, TMI i know. This is the first time I read your blog. Sorry about that. I forget what you look like Joanna, I can't wait to see you again.