Thursday, October 4, 2007 some photos.

CAUTION: if you would not like to view the photos from the bull fight, please view the pictures in set form (the side column), instead of scrolling through them all.

this is not even close to being all of them, but the computers at school are gank. this is all i could do.

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mama said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks for the pics. Looks like you have seen some really nice places and things.The cathedrals are beautiful as well as the other buildings. Hard to believe that they were built without any of the modern machinery we have today to build things. Hope you had fun at the beach this past weekend. The weather here has been really nice but is suppose to get cooler and rain(we need some badly) this week. Was nice having Meag. home for a bit. She took Cecil back with her this time so now Neville is wandering around trying to find him. Ang and Ben came to church yesterday. It was nice to see them. Ben said next weekend fall break starts next weekend for Geneva. Ang said Meg is loving China. Plans to come home and work for a year and then go back over. Are you entertaining the same thoughts about Spain? Is Andy B. going to make it over for a visit and are you going to be able hook up with Jackie again before you come home? Hope you can get a chance to visit Andrew McGary. Am sure he would like to see someone from home.
Well have to run. Will try and call you soon. Love you prec. Mama