Thursday, December 13, 2007

say what?

last night we had a good talk with miguel (our spanish dad) in which he informed us that he knows lots of english phrases. here are a few of the better ones:

sank you bery much.
zhour welcome.
meddy chrishmas.
happy babay.
zhou ahre my destiny. (learned from the song by paul anka.)

each phrase was followed by marĂ­a luisa trying to repeat it and then giggling at herself like a fool.

it was hilarious and sad all at the same time. i´m going to miss those two.

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mama said...

Hi Joey,
Well guess this is your last blog. Mama is sad for you but happy for me. Know you are going to miss your new friends in Spain. Maybe I can talk dad into running around with just his bvds and button down shirt. However don't expect me to stick around for show.I will try and swipe one of your tank tops once in awhile and then argue with you that it is mine(even in Spanish). Also I will try and fix some french fried squid for you often too. Don't worry be happy we will try and fill the void of missing Seville the best we can. Only two days to go. YEAH!! Mama's doing cart wheels right now out in the snow. O. K. In my mind I am so there!! See you soon. Mama loves