Saturday, December 8, 2007

this is basically what i know now.


Janet said...

haha, that's good stuff.

cleyton. brasileiro. morando nos eua. pescador de ilusoes. said...

that's how i seduce all the ladies in DC. same things, in portuguese.

mama said...

Hola Joey,
Dad and I are impressed with your vast knowledge in not only being able to understand the Spanish language but your ability to speak so fluently it as well. It is rewarding to know that the money we invested in sending you abroad to Spain to study wasn't in vain. Had we known that the returns on our investment would had yielded this much we would have encouraged you to go for a year rather than just a semester!
Just six days and counting. YEAH!!
Hope your report goes well. Love you precious and keeping you in our prayers. Mama

markali52 said...

I moved here about a year ago and I still struggle with the language, I think mainly because where I live here at Polaris World I still speak a lot of English.