Monday, September 17, 2007

córdoba, málaga

friday we went to córdoba with the school and walked among the ancient muslim ruins that are older than our country. this is still blowing my mind a little bit. it was beautiful. if i ever find a computer that isn´t slower than something so slow i can´t even think of a comparison for it, i´ll post pictures of the trip. we also went to the mezquita which is an ancient muslim mosque. way cool. again, pictures later.

saturday, we went to málaga to meet JACKIE and swim in the mediterranean. that´s right, the MEDITERRANEAN! i swam in it. and it was so salty that you didn´t even have to tread water to float. you could just stay there, suspended in the water. it was so surreal and i still can´t believe i did it. jackie had a friend in málaga that was an exchange student in her high school (josé), so we met up with him and he showed us around. we had paella for lunch (delicious and filling for so cheap!), and went to the beach, and then we partied. hard. (don´t worry mom.) josé showed us how to botellón málaga style, and then we went to a boat club. and when i say boat i mean ship. and when i say club i mean discoteca. complete with strobe lights and music so loud i think i was a little deaf when we left. we danced our hearts out. until 6:30 am. this country is insane.


mama said...

Hi Jo,
Glad to hear that you were able to hook up with Jackie. Sounds like you had a good time together. (maybe too good.) Ha.
Hard to believe that you actually swam in the Med. Who would have ever thought you would do that one day. Amazed at God's plans for us. Huh? Know that Aunts T and S would love being able to just float. Might miss their noodles though if you know what I mean. ha
Beautiful day here today. Like LA in the Am. Planted a few more trees and just came in for a break.
Sounds like Nate may be able to hook up with you when he goes over to Berlin for work. Hope it will work out. Know he wants to try and see you while he is over there.
Hope to call you again soon. We were waiting till you got back fro Cordoba. How late are you up till normally?
Well better sign off. Keeping you in prayer and mama loves prec.

Janet said...

my heart aches to dance until 6:30am with you and jackie

Janet said...

p.s. now... i think you can jackie can see a bit of how brazil was for me

Rebecca Lowell said...

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