Tuesday, September 11, 2007

so i fully intended on posting pictures and explaining the bull fight today, but none of the computers are letting me upload my pictures. this makes me angry. i´ll try again another day.

recap: dancing! oh boy, spaniards are crazy. we went out at 2 and got back at 6 which is the norm here, and when i left the club at 5:30, they were still letting people in. it was packed the whole time too. the thing i like about spain is that everyone here can dance. and i mean, actually dance. it´s crazy. it also makes me realize just how much rhythm i actually lack. we met some people, which always proves to be interesting, and danced until we couldn´t dance no more. all in all, it was fun. i´d definitely go again.

barrio santa cruz what an awesome place. it´s right in the middle of the city and used to be reserved for jewish living quarters. it´s streets are too small for cars to drive on, so everyone walks or bikes through it. it´s so easy to get lost, but then you kind of hope you do so you can find awesome little shops and cafes. i love it. i´ll probably go at least once a day to try and find something new.

bullfight like i said, more to come later, but for now, it rocked. i absolutely loved it. even though we saw a fight with only half grown bulls, it was totally worth it. most of the girls that went with us cried, but i guess i´m a terrible person with a lump of coal for a heart and no soul because i found myself cheering and clapping when the bulls (all six of them) went down. it was such a cool process and they present it like it´s an art. way cool.

this weekend: córdoba on friday and málaga on saturday and sunday (with jackie!!!) i´m pumped.


mama said...

Hi Joey,
Sorry you have two fists and an angry face about your pics. right now. Hopefully you will be able to get them uploaded. Saw you other ones as Andy helped me.
Glad you had a good time out dancing and at the bull fight. Don't worry honey I don't think anyone in our family would have cried over the bulls so it's not your fault. Heck we laugh at funerals there is no way we would cry at a bull fight.
Andy is home for two days with impetigo so had to pick up his school work.
So glad you have hooked up with Jackie. Know you guys will have a good time together. Be sure and tell her hi and I send my love. Be good and be careful.(think that is an oxymoron) Love you prec. mama

Meagan said...

You're going straight to hell. And you know what's going to be there when you arrive? Heaps of angry bulls and nattily dressed men with sticks and capes. And those fried paste balls.

Janet said...

give each other huge hugs for me... i really wish i could hug you guys.

cleyton. brasileiro. morando nos eua. pescador de ilusoes. said...

bull fights are awesome. did you notice that if the fighter is good enough they give him the bulls ears? and if they're really really good i think they get both ears and the tail! i really got into it too. your friends are silly. tell them to go join PETA or something...
have a great time in Malaga with Jackie. i know it's impossible not to...