Monday, September 3, 2007

this weekend was pretty uneventful. we mostly just slept or read or whatever because it was too hot and we were too tired to do anything. the food has been great here lately. we went out for pizza on friday night! something familiar! as of now i´ve tried gazpacho (cold tomato soup with cucumbers), arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), la langosta (a little lobster complete with head that i had to rip off and suck out...please god never let that happen again), tortilla española (basically like a potato omlette) and many other things i can´t even begin to describe. it has definitely been a stretching experience. especially for my stomach since my señora insists on making us eat more and more and more. i´m convinced she is fattening us up for some wierd spanish sacrificial ceremony. we´ll see.

today was our first day of classes. not too rough. it was pretty funny to hear our spanish professor try to speak engilsh to us. we don´t have homework yet, so that´s nice. and i already knew most of what he was teaching. however, it didn´t really help with not knowing what everyone else in this country is saying. it has helped to watch movies that are originally in english and dubbed in spanish. for example, the other night, we watched "como dios" (bruce almighty). hilarious. and they have commercials here for american products but give them spanish names. like here, mr. clean is don limpio. tv is the highlight of our day as it is very important in the spanish culture. it´s on during every meal and stays on for most of the day.

i´m off for lunch...i wonder what it will be today.


Amy said...

Napping is such an important part of your regimen here in the States, and now you can actually do it in a scheduled time! How amazing. I agree - it really is the best idea ever.
Not too much going on here, it's weird without you guys around. Janet had a cookout the other night at her house, and all the P-Town girls were there, so was Tyler and Noah and Drew, it was pretty fun. A needed get-together for sure. We played Janet's Wii and made Mii characters. Drew and I played bowling with the characters and I kicked his arse.
Time for me to read for poli sci. Ew.
Happy Labor Day. Miss you! Love you.

mama said...

Oh my goodness!! There is no way I could have sucked the brains out of a lobster let alone swallow them!! You go girl! Mama is proud of you!!
Is Miguel still running around in his briefs? Trying to imagine him sitting in his skivies and sucking on a lobster head. Not a pretty picture!!
Hope you find someone to go with you on break. Norway sounds nice. Be ready to eat a lot of things made with fish though. I think the main snack is sardines!! Just kidding.
Missing you but thankful you are doing ok. Just think one week almost over!! Enjoy you naps. Love you prec. mama

silent discourse said...

yo quierro taco bell! Amigos chiquita bannana senora. Cristo meyama yo prometo lealta a la banderos de les estades unitas. Uno dos tres cinco de mayo. Buenos dias pinata. Sombrero? No, Caliente! Need I say more?