Friday, September 7, 2007

este fin de semana (the weekend)

i believe we have plans for dancing tonight, which should prove to be note worthy in later entries. we also might go to the beach tomorrow. and we have a bullfight on sunday (which i am very excited for). ten un buen fin de semana!


Janet said...

Ohhh! dancing... i'm so jealous. I want to go dancing, especially with Spanish people.
I'm going home this weekend to spend with the family. I'm sure it'll prove to be awesome. I love them.
okay, well I miss you and love you and loved your latest e-mail and wish I could be there to place my head below your chin and above your chest and just coddle you.

Amy said...

No. Way. A bullfight? That totlally rulzorz.

cleyton. brasileiro. morando nos eua. pescador de ilusoes. said...

bullfights are awesome! I had a blast in pamplona when I went to one. I was sitting next to these old ppl who kept feeding me their snacks.
have fun dancing and enjoy the beach. i only wish my life was half as eventful as yours.

Samuel said...

hey, about the lobster head, that's so gross. i can totally relate. i had to eat a CHICKEN FOOT the other day. can you imagine? but it was sort of fun to eat it and try to pretend that it was normal for me. and then it got really funny inside my head, cause i kept thinking, "these people have no idea what a big deal eating this chicken foot is for me!" and then i kept smiling and couldn't control my face. hope dancing is fun.