Wednesday, September 19, 2007

well, tomorrow i give my first spanish report of the semester. my topic is...the amish. my professor thinks it´s hilarious that i´m from pennsylvania and live near amish. he´s always asking if i´ve ever talked to them and how they do things. so right now, i am supposed to be researching and translating things for my presentation. but i´m too excited about the chinese food awaiting me at lunch! yay for chinos!

side note: i talked to sam yesterday!! yay for friends in south korea! it literally made my day.


Janet said...

the entire dynamic of all the topics and subject matters in this post fill my heart with joy.

mama said...

Hi Prec.
I agree with my lil friend name of Janet. She is right reading your blog and the comments make my day. Hope your speech goes well. Maybe you should give it full amish attire. At least you could present it with greasy hair and dirty fingernails and barefoot with some cow patty dirt on your toes and feet and to give the full affect don't shower or wear deo. Just a thought. Seriously will be praying for you tomorrow as you give your presentation. Know you will do well. Love you will try and call very soon. Mama

Mandy said...

Hey Jo- I'll be praying that your presentation goes well tomorrow! Great topic. :D Can't wait to hear how it goes. Much love!

Patti said...

I was living vicariously through you right up until today! A report???? You just shot my dreams of swimming in the meditterean sea...with the amish, of course.

Hope your having a great time,

Baby Mama